The Four Powers Influence Method Collection is a behavioral framework for creating habits.


Four Powers helps companies understand and change by leveraging this key distinction: how people THINK they behave and make decisions, versus how they ACTUALLY do these things in reality. 

Four Powers is based on behavioral theories and validated research from a variety of leading thinkers, behavioral research laboratories + our own extensive field testing. We have looked across industries to find the influence techniques that have been successfully used to shape employee and customer behavior for many years.

In order for habits to be created or changed, the following formula must hold true:

For each person the strength of each variable will differ, but the overall formula holds true. The key reason why habit creation is difficult is that this formula is “mediated” in the four contexts in which life operates: Self, Social, Spaces and Systems.

This (and many other insights from Four Powers) are counter-intuitive and sometimes even differ from our personal experiences of things. The power of our research is that it is based on what actually works, not what sounds like it should work, or what we think should work.

The Four Powers Influence Method Collection is comprised of 80 methods for creating powers within four life contexts: self, social, spaces + systems.

Each method is explained in detail, including how it can be applied in wellness, other methods with which it works well, case studies of it applied in practice and lists for further reading or watching, to enhance our clients’ understanding of the nuances of each method.


Our influence methods create the powers to...


Supports people in the development of empowering beliefs and new skills, as well as increasing self-efficacy or confidence.


Motivates people to create new habits.


Shows people how to lower, circumnavigate or break through barriers.


Arms people with tactics for resisting or deflecting the antagonists who tempt us to practice poor habits or to avoid or delay practicing healthy habits.


Within four life contexts...


Our personal thoughts, emotions, decisions, self-narratives, etc.


Other people (real and imagined), such as friends, families, co-workers, peer groups, etc.


The environments in which we live, work and play, such as our homes, offices, schools, public places, etc.


The rules, policies, laws, cultural norms, incentives, traditions and routines that surround and permeate our lives.