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Over the last decade, our team has researched why people find it hard to create positive habits + how best to support them in doing so.


BRATLAB is the research team of Habits at Work.

Short for "Behavioral Research Applied Technology Laboratory," the BRATLAB team of actuaries and research psychologists combine their expertise and focus their efforts on answering a set of crucial questions related to habit creation:

Which habits are worth doing? What is the proper dose?

How do we get people to practice habits in a way that leaves them feeling thrilled with the experience and engaged with their employer?

What is the potential value for an employer as a result of their employees practicing these habits?

Habits drive people + fuel companies.

Our research shows that a core set of positive habits are the key to unlocking healthy, happy + secure individuals, and successful companies.

These "Pivotal Habits" are the building blocks of high performance individuals and company cultures.


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Research-Driven Consulting Services

Our research-driven consulting services support employee habit creation + culture change within a delicate ecosystem: the workplace.


A meta-analysis of over 1,000 peer-reviewed & published research articles in the wellness and health arenas, Dose Value seeks to answer the question: what’s really worth doing in wellness?

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80+ influence methods for creating healthy habits through experiences that leave people engaged with their employers, and more productive as a result.

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A user-driven engine that calculates ROI over time from a given wellness program and predicts estimated future returns.

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